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Best Java Training in Jalandhar

Best Java Training in Jalandhar
Best Java Training in Jalandhar

The Core Systems is providing the Java Training in Jalandhar (Core Java and Advance Java), with 99.9% theoretical and practical training.

Java is a high level programming language that was originally invented by the Sun Microsystems and initiated by James Gosling in 1995 but it is a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation. Since then its popularity has been increased year by year and today its popularity in  world touched the stars. It is the most versatile Object Oriented programming language on the planet. Java suits the various type of platforms like for Mobile Applications “J2ME” and Enterprise Application “J2EE”. But Sometimes questions arises in our mind “Why we Learn Java?”. Because Java is Object Oriented, it has better portability and it is supports in building web application. Java has two components:

  1. Runtime environment.
  2. Application Programming Interface.

Features of Java

There are many java features which are also know as buzzwords. Features of Java is given bellow:

1.Simple: Java Programming Language is a very simple to code because it syntax is based on C++. Means its become easier to learn it after C++.

2.Object Oriented: Java is Object Oriented programming language means it organize the software as a combination of objects.

3.Portable: Java programming language is portable to any platform, means we can carry the java code to any platform.

4.Dynamic: Java is a dynamic programming language.

5.Interpreted: Java is complied and interpreted programming language.

6.High performance: It has higher performance than the other programming laanguage.

7.Distributed: We can develop the distributed applications in java. Basically, RMI and EJB is used for developing distributed applications.

8.Multi-threaded: It is multi-threaded, means it is separate the program and execute concurrently and the advantage of multi-threading is that it  shares the same memory.

9.Platform Independent: Java programming language is platform independent means its code can be run on multiple platform like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac/OS, Sun Solaric etc. Its platform is different form the other platform that it is a software based platform.

10.Secure: Java is secure because java has  no explicit pointer and its programs run inside the virtual machine sandbox.



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