NetMax Jalandhar is now providing world class training in Advance solidworks. Thats helps students to understand CAD,basic ideas of engineering graphics including auxiliary views and sectioning orthographic projections by the leading Company in the region which trained more than 1000+ Mechanical engineer per years.

SOLIDWORKS is a 3-Dimensional Computer Aided Design and Drafting software that a Mechanical Engineer often use. Solidworks is founded by DASSAULT SYSTEMES.Let the designer to quickly sketch out his/her ideas, imaginations with accurate dimensions and other features, also to make models, accurate drawing and drafting them out. Course objectives are to prepare designer to visualize and communicate a 3D concept. The designer can make changes to the design, validate the design according product requirements and prepare the design for production in manufacturing. In Solidworks the designs are made using some tools. The basic tools are the profile tools that helps a user to draw any shape as desired. The other tool that is mostly used is known as Constraint tools. Constraint is basically defined to restrict each and every possible motion of an entity. Special tools are often use that make the drawing more accurate as well as precise.

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advance solidworks training in jalandhar


                                        TOPICS TO BE COVERED 
1.Sketcher Basic
In Solidworks, simply an imagination is firstly drawn onto the drawing sheet as an sketch. The sketch is given proper dimensioning to constraint is fully. The dimensions are given by making the origin point as reference. The sketch colour changes when it gets fully constraint.

2.3D Sketching

It is one of the main features of Solidworks that helps to draw in more than one dimension. This feature is mostly used for design of complex parts like Spring.

3.Part Modeling
In Solid works after generating a basic 2 dimensional shape, 3-D Part can be constructed. 3-D modelling is the feature that allows the user to create a part virtually in the software. The part is exact model of the product that you want to make or build. ByUsing the Solid works Software, The three-dimensional objects are constructed using the basic sketch. In Part modelling, the sketch can be drawn on plane as well as on the object surface.

4.Assembly Design
In Assembly Design parts are grouped and joined together to form a singular functioning object like A bike is made up by joining the several smaller components called the sub parts to make one functioning vehicle. An Assembly is used to make a desired product for its desired functioning. In assembly the several parts are combined using some constraints. The parts are joined according to the need of movement.

5.Drafting Sheets
All these basic features of Sketcher, Part and Assembly helps to make a design. The 3D object that we make is used to make the drafting sheets. These drafting sheets helps to understand the design properly and these sheets are supplied to the industries for the production process.

The best feature of this software is the simulation. Simulation generates the virtual working of an assembled object and also helps to understand the material consideration for the different parts . As each part has different function and different stress concentration, so they require different material properties. Solid works help to understand these conditions deeply and the simulation of the parts helps to decide the movement of the assembly.

advance solidworks training in jalandhar advance solidworks training in jalandhar Advance Solidworks Training in Jalandhar assembly
advance solidworks training in jalandhar

Advance Editing and Modelling Tools
There are certain special tools that helps the designer to edit and modify the drawings at any level as required. The modelling tools help to project the views on other body for designing.
Material library and Bill of Material .After completion of the design the software has the feature to add the material to the object. The library of the materials is built in feature and can be chosen respectively. Apart from that the Bill of Material can also be made for the drafting sheets that will help any designer around the world to understand and use the specific material for individual part.

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