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 Ready to get ARM microcontroller training in jalandhar with top most leading company in the region NetMax Technologies Pvt Ltd registered under 9001:2008 ISO certification which has an experience of more than 15+ year in Training, Research and Development.The leading company that has their own development kits and boards on Advanced MCS-51 families,Advanced PIC families of 8 to 32 bits,Advanced AVR boards ATMEGA,XMEAGA and TinyAVR,RespberryPi Etc.

Overview and introduction to ARM microcontroller training in jalandhar:

ARM microController stand for Acron RISC means reduced instruction set of computing introduced in the market by the time of 1980 most 1985 year is registered by ARM holding.Means thirty (30) year ago it was introduced under RISC architecture by ARM Holding comes under register- register and branching depend upon condition code with 32 bit and 64 bit .Now a days most of the students works on LPC 2148 ARM microcontroller ARM-7 series developed by Philips under NXP semiconductor unit.  this ARM-7 microcontroller comes with TDMI

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arm microcontroller training in jalandhar

T: Capable to Execute Thumb instruction set (16 bit)

D: JTAG(Joint Test Action Group) debugging interface

  M: Multiplier-And-Accumulate (MAC) unit for DSP  applications is an addation feature

I: Featuring with the support of In-Circuit Emulator

arm microcontroller training in jalandhar ARM microcontroller training in jalandhar ARM microcontroller training in jalandhar arm microcontroller1
arm microcontroller training in jalandhar

This ARM -7 microcontroller comes with 8 KB to 32 KB SRAM and 32 KB to 512 KB flash.with 6 to 14 adc (analog to digital converter) channels with single 10 bit ADC. ARM first sample worked properly in 1985 after that Arm holding make different arm microcontoller with different architecture like ARMv1 with core 32-bit,ARMv2 with core 32-bit, ARMv3 with core 32-bit, ARMv4with core 32-bit, ARMv4T with core 32-bit, ARMv5 with core 32-bit, ARMv6 with core 32-bit, ARMv6-M with core 32-bit, ARMv7-M with core 32-bit,ARMv7E-M with core 32-bit, ARMv7-R with core 32-bit, ARMv7-A with core 32-bit, ARMv8-Awith core 64-bit, ARMv8.1-A with core 64-bit, ARMv8-R with core 32-bit.Mostly arm architecture are for application development but Most of the people uses ARMv7-R and ARMv8-R architecture for RTOS(Real time operating System).Most of the products in  the market are based on ARM architecture like apple I-phone , smartphones, PDA(personal digital asistance)I-pod portable media tablets ,, apple smart watch ,Cannon power-shot digital camera,Nintendo dual screen handheld game consoles. Even some of the ARM microcontrollers  cores simulate to the human brain named spinnakker.Now a days arm core is coming with Raspberry pi, panda-board,beagle board ,beagle-bone,with small consumption of power and excellent speed.  

Study On ARM microcontroller training in jalandhar at Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd

  • introduction to ARM and why to choose market leading ARM Microcontroller?
  • Different Families or series or Advancement in ARM
  • Features of ARM Microcontroller and its architecture (embed arm for lpc 1768 and NXP founded by Philips LPC2148)
  • Different types of Embedded C compilers for ARM And Embedded c programming
  • Interfacing of  different peripherals (ON-chip or off-chip) and Embedded c programming for Arm
  • Pins as output using LED(Light Emitting Diodes) interfacing and programming
  • Pins as inputs using switches interfacing and programming.
  • To Control Industrial Applications like A.C, Bulb Or many more interfacing with Relay and programming
  • speed and direction control of Stepper motor interfacing and programming
  • speed and direction control of DC motor interfacing and programming
  • wireless communication ,wireless switching using RF interfacing and programming
  • Hardware and software on chip interrupt programming and interfacing
  • Programming and interfacing of counters/Timers
  • PWM modules interfacing and programming for the control of IR sensors and DC motors speed control
  • Custom Graphic generation and Interfacing of LCD and programming
  • Display over Seven segment, its interfacing and  programming
  • PS2 keyboard for control and displaying Data interfacing and programming
  • RS232 communication between ARM LPC2148 and Personal computer using onchip UART
  • Practical implementation of onchip multi-channel ADC
  • USB(universal Serial bus )interfacing with ARM and PC
  • Practical Implementation of onchip RTC(Real time clock) programming

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