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Avr microcontroller training in jalandhar

avr microcontroller training in patiala

Netmax technologies is providing best of the class Advance avr microcontrollerAvr microcontroller training in jalandhar avr microcontroller training in jalandhar Avr microcontroller training in jalandhar e7c3791c0f702595a17be028e14320d5training in jalandhar . All universities and colleges in jalandhar region undergo six weeks and six months avr training with us . Netmax technologies is one of the only private limited registered company in Punjab which has 15+  years of experience in Electronics and Embedded systems Development . Netmax has developed various development boards based on mcs51 family , Microchip PIC, Atmel AVR ,NXP and Atmel ARM ,Raspberry PI Linux etc.

Why join training in AVR Microcontroller                        [ Best avr microcontroller training in jalandhar by Netmax technologies ]  

The AVR is a 8-bit reduces instruction set of computing(RISC) modified Harvard architecture ,single-chip microcontroller with Advanced features, which was founded by Atmel in 1996. The AVR was the first one from microcontroller families to use on-chip flash memory for program storage. 

SYLLABUS FOR avr microcontroller training in jalandhar AT Netmax technologies 

  • Introduction to AVR Microcontroller a RISC family of Advanced microcontrollers
  • Introduction To Different AVR Ucs like Atmega8515 , Atmega8 and Atmega32
  • Programming of different AVR in Embedded C and their Embedded C Compilers
  • Machine Code writing or Burning Techniques or methods with Netmax ISP@TM and Usb programmer
  • Hardware Interfacing of AVR microcontroller with different peripherals their Programming In Embedded C
  •  Devices or interfacing with AVR microcontrollers :
    • Interface led with AVR GPIO and programming in C
    • Interfacing of Switch and Relay (using AVR GPIO as input)
    • Interfacing of Stepper Motor and Dc motor also Programming for Direction Control as well as speed
    • Interfacing of LCD Display its Programming & custom Graphic Generation .
    • Interfacing & Programming of 7 Segment Display for numeric display
    • Interfacing & Programming of RF module  for data transmission and wireless switching
    • Interfacing & Programming of PS/2 Keyboard for control or data encryption
    • Interfacing & Programming of on-chip ADC .
    • Serial Communication Programming On Chip serial port
    • Interfacing & Programming On chip Counter/Timer
    • Interfacing & Programming of On chip PWM module of speed control of DC motor or IR sensors control
    • Interfacing & Programming On chip software or Hardware and  interrupt study
    • Studying Analog comparator and its Interfacing & Programming  for different input comparison etc.

Advance Avr microcontroller training in jalandhar

Also Learn OrCad Design PCB Free with Avr microcontroller training in jalandhar

  • Capture CIS Schematic Design and Layout Designing to implement PCB
  • Tina Pro Simulation without making hardware
  • Analog Electronics and its concept
  • Adjustable or constant Linear Power Supply Design Using Mosfets , Transistors , Darlington Pairs in electronics

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