Netmax technologies is providing best of the class Advance avr microcontrollerAvr microcontroller training in jalandhar avr microcontroller training in jalandhar Avr microcontroller training in jalandhar e7c3791c0f702595a17be028e14320d5training in jalandhar . All universities and colleges in jalandhar region undergo six weeks and six months avr training with us . Netmax technologies is one of the only private limited registered company in Punjab which has 15+  years of experience in Electronics and Embedded systems Development . Netmax has developed various development boards based on mcs51 family , Microchip PIC, Atmel AVR ,NXP and Atmel ARM ,Raspberry PI Linux etc.

Why join training in AVR Microcontroller                        [ Best avr microcontroller training in jalandhar by Netmax technologies ]  

The AVR is a 8-bit reduces instruction set of computing(RISC) modified Harvard architecture ,single-chip microcontroller with Advanced features, which was founded by Atmel in 1996. The AVR was the first one from microcontroller families to use on-chip flash memory for program storage. 

SYLLABUS FOR avr microcontroller training in jalandhar AT Netmax technologies 

  • Introduction to AVR Microcontroller a RISC family of Advanced microcontrollers
  • Introduction To Different AVR Ucs like Atmega8515 , Atmega8 and Atmega32
  • Programming of different AVR in Embedded C and their Embedded C Compilers
  • Machine Code writing or Burning Techniques or methods with Netmax ISP@TM and Usb programmer
  • Hardware Interfacing of AVR microcontroller with different peripherals their Programming In Embedded C
  •  Devices or interfacing with AVR microcontrollers :
    • Interface led with AVR GPIO and programming in C
    • Interfacing of Switch and Relay (using AVR GPIO as input)
    • Interfacing of Stepper Motor and Dc motor also Programming for Direction Control as well as speed
    • Interfacing of LCD Display its Programming & custom Graphic Generation .
    • Interfacing & Programming of 7 Segment Display for numeric display
    • Interfacing & Programming of RF module  for data transmission and wireless switching
    • Interfacing & Programming of PS/2 Keyboard for control or data encryption
    • Interfacing & Programming of on-chip ADC .
    • Serial Communication Programming On Chip serial port
    • Interfacing & Programming On chip Counter/Timer
    • Interfacing & Programming of On chip PWM module of speed control of DC motor or IR sensors control
    • Interfacing & Programming On chip software or Hardware and  interrupt study
    • Studying Analog comparator and its Interfacing & Programming  for different input comparison etc.

Advance Avr microcontroller training in jalandhar

Also Learn OrCad Design PCB Free with Avr microcontroller training in jalandhar

  • Capture CIS Schematic Design and Layout Designing to implement PCB
  • Tina Pro Simulation without making hardware
  • Analog Electronics and its concept
  • Adjustable or constant Linear Power Supply Design Using Mosfets , Transistors , Darlington Pairs in electronics

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