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C++, as the name suggests, may be a superset of C. As a matter of reality, C++ will run most of C code whereas C cannot run C++ code. Here square measure the ten major variations between C++ & C

1. C follows the procedural programming paradigm whereas C++ may be a multi-paradigm language(procedural still as object-oriented)

In the case of C, importance is given to the steps or procedure of the program whereas C++ focuses on the info instead of the method.
Also, it’s easier to implement/edit the code just in case of C++ for a similar reason.
2. just in case of C, the info isn’t secured whereas the info is secured(hidden) in C++

This distinction is attributable to specific OOP options like knowledge concealing that aren’t gifts in C.
3. C may be a low-level language whereas C++ may be an inferior language (Relatively, Please see the discussion at the tip of the post)

C is thought to be a low-level language(difficult interpretation & less user friendly) whereas C++ has options of each low-level(concentration on what’s happening within the machine hardware) & high-level languages(concentration on the program itself) & thence is thought to be an inferior language.
Note: this is often a relative distinction. See updates at the finish of this post.

4. C uses the top-down approach whereas C++ uses the bottom-up approach

In the case of C, the program is developed step by step, every step is processed in detail whereas, in C++, the bottom components square measure initial developed that then square measure connected along to present rise to larger systems.
5. C is function-driven whereas C++ is object-driven

Functions square measure the building blocks of a C program whereas objects square measure the building blocks of a C++ program.
6. C++ supports operating overloading whereas C doesn’t

Overloading means that 2 functions have a similar name within the same program. this will be done solely in C++ with the assistance of Polymorphism(an OOP feature)
7. we will use functions within structures in C++ however not in C.

In the case of C++, functions will be used within a structure whereas structures cannot contain functions in C.
8. The NAMESPACE feature in C++ is absent just in the case of C

C++ uses NAMESPACE that avoids name collisions. for example, 2 students registered within the same university cannot have a similar roll variety whereas 2 students in numerous universities might need a similar roll variety. the colleges square measure 2 totally different namespace & thence contain a similar roll number(identifier) however a similar university(one namespace) cannot have 2 students with a similar roll number(identifier)
9. the quality input & output functions dissent within the 2 languages

C uses scanf & print whereas C++ uses cin>> & cout<< as their several input & output functions
10. C++ permits the employment of reference variables whereas C doesn’t

Reference variables permit 2 variable names to purpose to a similar memory location. we have a tendency cannot use these variables in C programming.

11. C++ supports Exception Handling whereas C doesn’t.

C doesn’t support it “formally” however it will forever be enforced by alternative ways. although you don’t have the framework to throw & catch exceptions as in C++.
(will add additional..)

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C and C++ training in Jalandhar


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