NetMax Technologies Pvt.Ltd is the first one Company which is providing IOT internet of things training in jalandhar. NetMax Technologies Pvt.Ltd proudly launching Internet of things with different hardware like Raspberry Pi ,Arduino or different microcontroller platforms.Due to the boom in Arduino and respberry pi these become my favorite topics for the IOT internet of things .

  What is this IOT internet of things and why it take boom in the market

 Internet of things(IOT) become an popular tool in this modern world .Today every things is going to connect over internet either a house or an industry.Every Internet of things(IOT) devices will communicate with each other over an internet.we can say Internet of things(IOT) is like modern fashion to the world. for making any Internet of things(IOT) product we need an Ethernet shield or WiFi card with a dedicated Internet of things(IOT) hardware .Lets take some examples of Internet of things(IOT) product like refrigerator. Now question arises how we can make this refrigerator Internet of things(IOT)  product.Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd And Netmax (iot)  Internet of things training in jalandhar

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internet of things training in jalandhar

 first of all we need simple refrigerator and a dedicated hardware may be of microcontroller or Microprocessor with WiFi or Ethernet shield. Noe we will install this hardware on refrigerator. now question arise how this Internet of things(IOT) will work ? How it is capable to interact over internet?. Lets take an example of milk. We know that milk is the basic need of every house. Lets suppose we need five (5) bottles per day for our consumption. And we can set the low limit if bottle used are less then or equal to the last limit set .Then Internet of things(IOT) hardware scan the bottles and text over internet to our phone .And we send a command of refile rest of bottles .This Internet of things(IOT) hardware will scan the local shopkeeper or local milk dairy by their best delivery services or rating over internet or check the contact stored. Then it will text them along with the delivery time.In this way IOT Internet of things works.

internet of things training in jalandhar course content:-

  • Introduction to IOT internet of things 
  • Platform available for IOT internet of things
  • Linux Based Operating system , knowledge about  OS
  • IOT internet of things hookups Tv to make it smart TVwith usb mouse and keyboard and power control etc
  • Running XMBC home theater on IOT internet of things hardware 
  • Turning Simple TV into Smart TV with touch and recording
  • Gaming platform like openArena etc
  • Different operating systems like Raspbian noobs Debians Rpi etc

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