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PCB (Printed Circuit board) designing is the process of making a working design over a non-conductive material with the help of copper tracks or connections pads drills for the leaded components and jumpers by an etching process. PCB may be of single-layer means tracks are only on single side or we can say either in the bottom side or top side only. A double layer means both the sides Top and Bottom contain conducting copper tracks or connections. And next one is multi-layer design. These multi-layer designs are mostly heavy which means the large density of electric components like resistors, capacitors, inductors, and many Active and Passive components.

Early in 1920 PCB designing is done by using Bakelite or Masonite material and mostly small nets and bolts were used as jumpers or in place of rivets. By the time of 1950 to 1960, they mixed the materials but still, PCBs are single-sided. When PCB designing comes to known it takes or captures the market due to the conversion of bulkier wire designing to the compact circuits. And small nickel plates are used for making conducting holes.Mid time of 1956 some scientists in the US Army represent the first multi-layer PCB.

For this design they used Zinc foil was used to remove the extra copper leaving the printing design behind. And this was the first experiment to make the first multilayer PCB design. But by the 1970 circuits become smaller and smaller and hot air soldiering is also started along with solder masking to cover the design and only pads are left open for soldering.

Course Content:-

  • Introduction to Printed circuit Board(PCB) and Its Benefits
  • Circuit designing using Schematic Tool
  • Well tested single Sheet design
  • Well tested Multi Sheet design
  • Hierarchy design and benefits
  •   Component editing, Virtual connections, and Net-alias
  • Customization of a components and symbol designing
  • Design Rule Checking and error reduction
  • generating Net-list to Shift Design to layout
  • Linking of footprints in accordance to package selected
  • Customization of footprint and own footprint designing
  • Single-layer and multi-layer PCB Designing
  • Placements of component technique
  • routing of tracks in single or multi-layer design
  • Layer set, Drill set, copper pouring, and Silkscreen setting
  • DRC and reduction of errors
  • Post-process setting and Gerber generation

The Core Systems | PCB design training in Jalandhar

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Best PCB design training in Jalandhar



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