Best company in the region in the field of Industrial automation or PLC Scada training in Jalandhar by The Core Systems Limited which is in the field of Automation for the past 15+ years. The Core Systems is the only company that has its own self made various PLC kits and development boards that support PLC programming, SCADA and HMI. The Core Systems Automation in Jalandhar provides engineering solutions, and consultancy system integration in India and abroad. The Core Systems is known for the quality and upgrading of the knowledge of participants along with the skillset.

PLC History and Role in Industry

PLC is well aware and known as a Programmable logical controller. It started in early 1960 by Modicon. When PLC was not in the market the industry control design circuits are very big in structure and complex to design. Any problem or fault in PLC is not a funny game for a child to troubleshoot that particular problem within a fraction of seconds and it will take a lot of time to complete that work.PLC and SCADA training become a must for the electrical engineers so that they are able to control an Industry and if there is any problem they can troubleshoot in a fraction of seconds. The Core Systems | plc SCADA training in Jalandhar.

Their are vital range of software available in the market that are meant for PLC and SCADA programming like CODESYS(Controller Development System) AB’s(Allen Breadly) Rockwell Automation,siemens semantic manager,Delta ,LOGO soft ,schneider electric Twido soft and Twido Suite and many more.Their are so many programming languages for the PLC programming like ST (structured Text),FBD (function block diagram),SFC(sequential function chart),IL(instruction List) and widely used and well known is LD(Ladder Diagram).Most commonly used PLC Programming language is ladder diagram some people also named it Relay Diagram or Relay Logic programming. Now a days PLC and SCADA programming control become the basic foundation of the industry. PLC is widely acceptable to the industry because of one time investment with simple controls and connections, easy to maintain with full values products with out any errors.

PLC Course Content:-

  • Introduction to Automation and Types of Industrial Automation
  • Role of PLC in the industry and PLC hardware
  • Introduction to various field devices
  • Block diagram of PLC, its basics or fundamentals
  • PLC component and Component Details
    • Power Supply AC or DC
    • PLC connected Input and Output Modules
    • PLC Central Processing Unit(CPU)
    • Types of Communication Bus
  • Various types or range of PLC’S
  • Types of Analog/Digital Input or output cards
  • Source type and Sink type card concepts

Practical Exposure on Allen Bradly (AB) PLC ,Siemens ABB and Many More 

  • PlC programming Software introduction
  • Standred rules to the program and Addressing Concepts Writing
  • Writing programs for Industrial Applications  like 1)Paint Industry 2) Mixing of Medicines 3)Vendor Machines  4)Automatic Bottle counting Systems and filling etc
  • Transferring code to PlC(Download) and Fetching code from PLC(Upload) concepts
  • PLC control through PC using forcing input and output concepts
  • Procedure to follow wiring concept in PLC Panel Designing
  • Hand on practical work experience on case study over motor control for conveyor belts, Timers applications for bottle filling and traffic light control and counter applications for bottle Counting etc
  • troubleshooting of PLC programming, Troubleshooting for faults in The system
  • Introduction to SCADA system and applications
  • Software available for  SCADA system and Introduction
  • Analog input and output concepts for SCADA hardware
  • Trending  in the SCADA system
  • DAC control though DaqFactory
  • Software control by PC to SCADA hardware
  • Sending Data over the internet

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