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PLC training in hoshiarpur

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Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd | PLC Training in Hoshiarpur

Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the largest Industrial Training Institute in North India, providing courses in Softwares, Networking, PLC, CAD/CAM and Embedded Systems. We provide excellent quality in training. We have the best faculty who provide the best guidance to their students for project completion and enhance their key-skills. We provide six months training and 45 days training in above said courses.

PLC training in hoshiarpur

Why Choose PLC:

Power line communication (PLC) is a technology which uses existing power lines for information transmission.
Electrical voltage is big and instead slow, while a information signal’s voltage is little and instead quick.
Since these waves have different frequencies, there is no cross interference when hair care them.
The overlapping signals are divided and the information signal is extracted by the PLC device.
This makes it possible to send information signals through power lines.
High-speed Internet wiring victimization optical fibers associated ADSL bores a hole in the wall to activate an in-home broadband-router. This distributes data to every area by victimization wireless and/or wired local area network. However, these wires are not esthetically pleasing and draw the attention faraway from family decorations. These can even cause wireless communication failure by interference.
A universal in-home networking system can be simply and handily engineered as PLC technology transforms wall power-outlets into data shops.
HD-PLC Alliance’s mission is to achieve a universal networking world by promoting HD-PLC, one of the PLC technologies.
Automation is everywhere and it has taken a vital role in today’s industrial age inflicting many firms to be captivated with PLCs and PLC-trained personnel.

PLC training in hoshiarpur plc training in hoshiarpur PLC training in hoshiarpur plccc
PLC training in hoshiarpur


For those who might not understand automation or PLCs, allow me to justify. Automation is defined by Google as: the use of largely automatic instrumentation in a very system of producing or alternative production method. That is true, but for a additional amazing clarification let’s talk frozen pancakes

Engineering is the science of solving issues. Electrical Engineering is solving those issues electrically. Automation was born to solve issues round-faced by production facilities however it may be accustomed solve problems reception. Learning the basics of PLC technology can offer you the data to automatise tasks performed round the house. Personally, I use a PLC system to water my garden twice daily.

PLC training in hoshiarpur


Netmax technologies Pvt. Ltd is one of the best training institute which offers the best training environment under the supervision of our faculty.We have the training experts in Embedded system,Robotics and PLC training in hoshiarpur having experience more then 5 year.

PLC training in hoshiarpur plc training in hoshiarpur PLC training in hoshiarpur plc2

PLC training in hoshiarpur


Contents Covered:

We will provide you training on different topics included in:

  • This covers topics involving AC, DC voltages, hydraulics, pneumatics. Electrical symbols used in industries, 1Phase & 3Phase power supply, Control panel basics, Use of wiring & different PCBs, Limit switches &Proximity sensors
  • History of PLC, Difference between relay, contactor & PLC logic,PLC architecture, Different modules of PLC Modules & cards.
  • Ladder Programs
  • PLC Instructions Set
  • Applications of PLC

Netmax Technologies has no office for PLC training in Hoshiarpur please join our Chandigarh office for the latest training in plc automation students from various electrical stream join plc training in Chandigarh

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