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Netmax Is ISO licensed Certified Education coaching Institute having world class Facility that’s ready to offer coaching to educational and business representatives. Netmax collaborates with All Well Universties to support their goal of “Partnering with Education” to help fulfill the increasing interest on the sure-handed hands required altogether aspects of today’s producing. A certified educator conducts all coaching at Netmax  and is committed to quality of teaching and providing the simplest learning expertise. We have fully Auto Labs In which We Prepare live robots and dealing with six month and six week Robotic Training In Jalandhar students projects with proper faculity support and included hardware.

 what Actually Netmax Jalandhar Offer to Students

we offer coaching of artificial intelligence includes Interfacing of all beginning basic elements, differing types of motors, shafts,Advance Robotics, mechanical structures etc (given below) with AVR a registered TM of Atmel Series Microcontroller (ATmega8 on Netmax development kit / ATmega16 on Netmax development kit/ ATmega32 on Netmax development kit) or with Self designed Arduino. Robots are advanced machines that build complicated and repetitive jobs easier.

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within the face of rising demand, automation is that the want of each business.  you attain the golden risk of operating for either the event of robots or creating applications that build them operate. Surely, this coaching will get you a career, that is filled with excitement and bright prospects.Mostly, folks trained in AI coaching build a career within the producing sector. However, you further more might become eligible to use within the coming up with of bio-medical and surgical devices, ocean exploration, fashionable warfare, and nuclear science.


the duration of the training depend upon the time you have . Mainly We provide six week And Six Month Industrial training . List Are Few Topics

  1. Training in artificial intelligence
  2. Training in ROBOTICS

Software used: AVR Studio four.1.1 skilled. Proteus ISIS skilled, AVR USB technologist, Keil version four, Arduino 6, V. Terminal.

What students will carry: they will only carry out the note-books and free kit which Netmax provided and manual kits along with there ideas.

List Are The Module Which Included In The Training Session
Introduction to artificial intelligence and aim of its style.
Different section of golem.
DTMF golem (Mobile Robot)
DTMF Robot

  • Introduction To differing types of DC & stepper motors employed in artificial intelligence, their operating and driver circuit planning.
  • Introduction to IR sensing element, measuring device sensing element and their application in artificial intelligence style.

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Selection of Microcontroller as central management unit of golem. Interfacing of motors, sensors with Microcontroller and programming.
Introduction, style and development of various classes of robots like :

  1. Line Follower Robots
    War Robot
    JCB Robot
    Wall Follower golem
    Obstacle Avoider golem
    Computer Controlled golem
    Obstacle golem
    Obstacle golem
  2. DTMF Robot
    Gesture Controlled golem
    Wireless golem
    Zigbee golem
    Metal detection golem
    Fire Sensing golem
    Smoke detection golem
    Wall Follower golem
    Surveillance golem

About Netmax technologies jalandhar 

Netmax jalandhar are providing coaching on PLC Automation, artificial intelligence & Embedded System (Sensor & Wireless) in Atmel AVR Series (mega & Xmega) Microcontrollers, 8051,  ARM Processor, Real time implementation with 100% live Hardware Exposure with method & design consulting, planning & coaching.

The main objective of coaching is to create the aspiring engineers conversant in the abstract yet as sensible data of the commercial Automation & latest technologies getting used to realize industrial automation. the thought of organizing this coaching is to instill the fundamental fundamentals of automation within the students and supply them with a platform to figure on, within the close to future.


Our Silent features

  1. We provide coaching & industrial comes supported PLC automation, Robotics, Embedded System, Wireless Embedded System, sensing element Embedded System victimization Atmel AVR Microcontrollers, ARM Processors & Arduino Boards.
    We provide B.Tech final year comes answer for college kids on Embedded system, MATLAB, VLSI with *hardware exposure.
  2. We provide solutions for final year comes and analysis comes to engineering students and hobbyists.We at Schematics small natural philosophy give best coaching in embedded system style and implementation.
  3. We ar the most effective coaching supplier within the town with extremely economical facility at work.To provide best Career direction to any or all our candidates and to confirm that each detail concerning the appreciated and venturous careers is mentioned.
  4. We provide patents facilities to the innovative students for his or her innovative comes or concepts.We provide Journals & Publication facilities to company, students for his or her best exertion of comes.We provide company coaching to corporate/ corporations.
    We organize Workshops & Seminars supported latest industrial technology.

How To Reach To us:-

Netmax technologies has no office for Robotic Training in Jalandhar please contact us 

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