Netmax technologies jalandhar may be a premium institute dedicated to providing quality VLSI training in Jalandhar Our category timings are versatile 1st batch beginning at 8AM and last batch finishing at 7PM.Netmax technologies jalandhar is that the right destination for college kids willing to form a mark within the IT trade. Our courses are designed in an exceedingly manner in order that a person  becomes capable enough to satisfy the skilled standards desired by the distinguished IT corporations.VLSI training in Jalandhar,VLCI, Advance VLCI training in jalandhar vlsi training in jalandhar VLSI training in Jalandhar VLCI training in jalandhar 3 300x223Today, these corporations need individuals, well trained however con jointly equipped with further skills. We, at Netmax technologies jalandhar  , analysis into this desires of the IT sector and supported our analysis prepare the coaching material.

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Why Us In jalandhar For VLSI

VLSI style could be a extremely attention-grabbing subject and other people used during this sector scope with exciting challenges daily. With the expansion of technology, the parts of VLSI style are getting trendy and so, this sector is ever growing.Moreover, as VLSI circuits area unit gift in nearly all types of device, the area needs an oversized variety of VLSI trained people annually. In short, the scope for obtaining employment is big.After being trained in VLSI, a Person becomes eligible to figure in prestigious corporations that deal in electronic style automation (EDA), product, and style service.


Why Netmax Jalandhar Is Best For VLCI Training

Netmax technologies jalandhar understands what a student needs for excelling in VLSI coaching and earning a decent job for himself. Our length of categories offers ample scope for the coed to know the topic matter and move with the trainer.We con  check that that each batch has solely ten students, in contrast to alternative institutes. during this method, our trainers attend to the requirements of each student and facilitate him gain the proper information for a roaring career.We settle for students from a spread of backgrounds. we provide category temporal order flexibility. It permits operating students to choose convenient category timings for themselves.

Why VLSI is Boom In The market And In Netmax

  1. Comfortable environment: Our lecture rooms area unit absolutely cool permitting our students to completely target their coaching. within the category, our trainers encourage the scholars to raise queries so they will clearly perceive the ideas and develop confidence as they progress.
  2. Weekly assessment: room assessment helps a student perceive wherever he lacks and the way he will improve on his shortcomings. Our trainers listen to each student within the batch and assess them at the top of the week. Those students United Nations agency emerge as weak area unit given complete support for ameliorative their information and skills.
  3. Up-to-date library and study material: netmax students relish the privilege of a well-equipped library that homes latest books on numerous VLSI coaching topics. The study material is additionally designed by specialists keeping in mind the newest business standards.
  4. 1-week free demo categories: we have a tendency to invite each individual to attend our 1-week demo classes to know our special approach of teaching and the way he/she will take pleasure in it.

Digital IC Designing  with VHDL and Verilog 

  • Introduction To ASIC(Application Specific Integrated Circuit)design.
  • Introduction  to Hardware description Languages : VHDL, VERILOG
  • Architectural features of FPGA and CPLD.
  • Introduction to Altera’s 5M570ZF256C5N CPLD Chip and Xilinx’s XC2C64A CPLD chip 
  • Working with Xilinx’s ISE xilinx ise 13.4 & Altera’s Quarteus II 13 HDL design Platform.
  • Study of Combinational and Sequential Digital System Designing .
  • Development  and implementation of following digital circuit on CPLD using HDL :
    • Designing of NOT Gate
    • Designing of AND Gate,NAND Gate
    • Designing of  OR Gate , NOR Gate,XOR Gate
    • Designing of  HALF ADDER & FULL  ADDER
    • Designing of  SHIFT REGISTERS
    • Designing of  COUNTERS
    • Designing of  DECODER & ENCODER
    • Designing of  BCD to 7 SEGMENT decoder
    • Designing of  Dot Matrix LCD  decoder
    • Designing of  4 BIT ALU.

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